Association of Language Centres in Higher Education



CertAcles: Examination accreditation model for ACLES and CRUE

Our accreditation model for exams is already available on the website of the Conference of Spanish Universities Vice-Chancellors.

6 of September 2016
The Council of Culture, Education and University Planning of the Government of Galicia published in the Official Journal of Galicia of 7 July 2016, the Order which establishes the accreditation...
5 of September 2016
The Council of Education, Culture and Universities published in Murcia's official gazette of 31 March 2015, a Decree of the Governing Council establishing the system of recognition of proficiency in...
12 of May 2016
The Government of Catalonia published in the Official Gazette of the Government of Catalonia of 2 June 2015, the Agreement of the Board of the Interuniversity Council of Catalonia which sets forth...
3 of September 2015
On 3 December 2014 the Official Gazette of Aragón published the Order of 11 November 2014, by the Council of Education, University, Culture and Sports, regulating the recognition of accreditation of...
3 of September 2015
On 20 May 2013 the DECREE 61/2013 , of 17 May, of the Council was published in the Official Gazette of the Region of Valencia, which established a recognition system for proficiency in foreign...
25 of April 2006
The Government of Andalusia published in its Official Gazette of 25 April 2015 the recognition of certification and accreditation certificates of proficiency in foreign languages.