The Language Centre of the UPV has a biannual seminar focusing on contemporary issues in in languages in Higher Education.


2nd international Seminar:  30 and 31st March 2017

Spanish universities need to develop their international profile to be able to compete in an increasingly globalised world. Promoting the acquisition of language and pedagogic competences for professional development of all university community members is a strategic component of internationalisation.

This conference aims to explore the support systems and challenges that universities may need to consider when implementing a plan for internationalisation.

Preparing to teach in English: basic principles, language needs, pedagogical challenges.
Reviewing the effectiveness of EMI: the review process, measuring success.
Language support for administrative staff: developing language training programmes.

We invite proposals from stakeholders, faculty and administrative staff, which discuss and present challenges they have faced both in the wider university and on the ground.

  • What does teaching in EMI mean?
  • Challenges and solutions for faculty
  • Impact on pedagogy
  • Establishing a review process as part of quality improvement
  • How do we monitor and measure success?
  • How does EMI affect assessment?
  • The role of administrative staff in the internationalisation process
  • Establishing needs of administrative staff
  • Delivering effective language support for administrative staff

*Official Language is English. We can offer language support for accepted papers.

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