Those university centres interested in becoming  ACLES partners must submit a brief report to the  Executive Committee explaining the characteristics of the centre, along with a letter requesting admission to the Association. This letter must indicate the willingness of the University of joining the association through its language centre / service / institute, delegating its representation in the director thereof. The letter must be signed by the chancellor or vice-chancellor in charge of the language centre.

The admission of any kind of partner shall take place following a formal approval procedure by a General Assembly or a committee of admissions (subject to the authority of the General Assembly). To be admitted, two-thirds of the valid votes cast must be in favour.

Payment of subscriptions shall be made after admission. The fee for the year 2017 is € 375 euros (which includes the CercleS fee).

Admission to ACLES automatically implies admission to CercleS.

Technical details of the centre

Each centre must complete this form and send it to the General Secretariat of ACLES (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


After two years of non-payment of the fee, the centre shall be expelled from the association. Should the centre apply for readmission, it must pay the fee established for that year plus an additional 50% of the fee as a penalty.

Readmission after requesting voluntary departure

The centre shall pay € 100 for admission into the association, in addition to the corresponding annual fee.